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Organizing Your Garage

Picture this: It's a beautiful day. You'd love to spend it bicycling, playing tennis or just enjoying a picnic. You head out to the garage to gather up your gear. After hours spent hunting for your racket, bike helmet or picnic blanket, you give up.

A cluttered garage shouldn't be keeping you from summer fun. Organizing your garage is just a matter of knowing where to start.

The first thing to do is purchase 10 or more heavy-duty plastic bins with lids. Label the bins and start sorting according to categories, such as tools, sports equipment, car washing products and so on.

As you categorize items, be ruthless about throwing away anything that you haven't used recently. Broken rakes, outgrown tricycles and mismatched garden gloves will just take up space in your garage. Use one bin for trash and empty it as needed.

With the clutter sorted out, you'll be able to see the walls and floor. You may be surprised by just how much space is available to you. Take time to decide how best to use that space.

You might want to consider setting up shelving that will hold your new bins, as well as other boxes and miscellaneous items. Special shelving units are now available for garage storage that are designed to hold sporting goods, yard tools or gardening equipment.

Cabinets or simple wardrobes can be assembled in an afternoon and make great storage for out-of-season coats or boots. Peg boards mounted to the walls make organizing your tools a snap.

You can also simply hammer a series of nails into a garage wall to help hang items up and out of the way.

The next step is to clean the garage floors. If you have oil or grease stains on the floor, cover them with sawdust or kitty litter. Allow it to sit for 24 hours, then sweep with a stiff push broom.

Look up, too. You'll probably need to clear a few cobwebs from the ceiling. Wash the windows for extra sparkle. Replace light bulbs that may have burned out and add a new mat in front of the door into your home.

Pretty soon, you'll actually be able to get your car into your garage-or you may just decide to take it out on that well-deserved trip to the park or beach.
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