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I’m moving by myself. What do you recommend?

Globe Whether your move is across town or across the country – as a single person, a single parent, or a spouse whose partner is out to sea or on assignment while making a move – you meet special challenges. That's simply because you don't have the support, sounding board and extra set of hands most couples have when they move.

Since you're doing it all, don't forget to take care of yourself.
  • Write down what worries you.

  • Write down what is making you anxious. The everyday stresses of single living become exaggerated during a move and need your attention.
  • Anticipate extra time.

  • Allow more time for your move and settling in. It takes one person longer than two to accomplish a task.
  • Make as many pre-move trips as possible.

  • If you are moving to another area, try to take several short trips or a long one to line up more than housing. Find a doctor, a place of worship, bank, utilities, childcare if needed, and other community services.
  • Reach out to new friends.

  • Try to make a few contacts in the new community who can offer information and directions. Avoid the temptation to turn inward at times of stress, and reach out for assistance.
  • Invite company to join you.

  • Ask a friend or relative to stay and help you over the rough spots. Try to identify ahead when these will likely come, especially holidays.
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Tips For Locating The Right Schools

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