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Linda Rike & Kelinda Webster
Linda Rike Real Estate
1410 Arendell Street
Morehead City, North Carolina 28557

Office: 252-247-6922
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Morehead City Home FOR SALE- Upscale community, 5 minutes to beach, many upgrades, fabulous views!

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What are some moving tips for family pets?

Boy With Dog Moving cats and dogs via airplane requires some advance planning to ensure a safe and successful transfer. Here’s a quick checklist to help you answer some basic questions about moving a family pet. Before The Move
  • Check with the airline regarding regulations. Many require current health certificates and only allow shipment on a non-stop flight.
  • Arrange for necessary immunizations. Ask how much time must elapse between shots; two or more appointments may be necessary. Check with your veterinarian and airline for standard waiting times between immunization and travel.
  • Obtain shot and medication records from veterinarian.
  • Ten days prior to departure obtain a health certificate from veterinarian.
  • Purchase a carrying crate with a leakproof bottom and ample room for your pet to lie down, stand and turn around.
  • Label the crate with arrows showing which side is up and the words "Live animal." Print the animal’s name, description, your name, new address and phone number.
  • Eliminate stress by following the pet’s normal routine. Ask your vet about sedation for a traveling pet.
Moving Day
  • Keep distractions to a minimum and remember to reassure the pet.
  • Feed six hours prior to departure.
  • Provide water until two hours before takeoff. If it is unseasonably hot, don’t withhold water prior to takeoff.
  • Make the crate feel like home with soft pad, favorite toy or blanket.
  • Give the pet a chance to run and play before placing it in crate.
  • Make sure the pet is wearing an ID tag with its name, your name, new address and phone number.
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