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How does a "drive-by appraisal" help me bargain better?

Home Search If the home you are interested in seems over-priced, there is a new tool to help you get a quick and inexpensive second opinion before you make an offer.
  • Consider a limited-scope appraisal

  • The new, limited-scope appraisals use databases as a source of information to estimate the value of a home. The information comes from prior appraisals, property tax assessments, sale and resale information and, sometimes, a drive-by to come up with a professional estimate in a few hours. The cost is generally under $100.
  • Get less than a full appraisal

  • The more traditional, complete appraisal -- required by lenders for a mortgage loan -- can take several days, usually involves a personal inspection of the interior as well as exterior of the property and costs several hundred dollars.
  • Negotiate a more accurate price

  • Determining the fair value of a home with a quick, limited-scope appraisal before signing a contract may help the buyer negotiate a lower sales price. Also, some lenders now accept limited-scope appraisals for refinancing, thus saving the borrower both time and money.
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