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What do real estate agents mean when they say the three most important factors in selecting a home are "location, location, location"?

Door Knocker You're excited about buying your first home, but before you seal the deal, carefully check the location to be sure this is the home you want to buy.
  • Consider destinations

  • Where will family members go most often from this new location? How easy is it to reach schools, churches, grocery stores, medical care, public transportation, shopping malls, and neighborhood services?
  • Be sure rooms have a view

  • What is the view from the home and yard? Is the yard right for your anticipated activities? What uses are possible for nearby undeveloped land? Are there any new roads planned?
  • Check traffic around the clock

  • Is rush hour traffic a problem? What will be the impact of special events like local high school games or church picnics?
  • Test the driveway

  • How easy is it to get into and out of the driveway?
  • Be service conscious

  • What utilities serve this property? Are the rates competitive? Do you want an all-electric home, or do you want gas or oil heat? Where will your mail delivered? Where are the easements?
  • Dig below the surface

  • Is the soil stable? Is part of the property on a flood plain -- if so, what is the history of floods on the property?
  • Visit the neighbors

  • How will you fit in with the neighbors? Do people seem to be friendly? Are homes well-maintained?
  • Read the fine print

  • Does the community have special by-laws or architectural controls over changes to the homes in the area?

    Make a list of the positive and negative aspects of each property as you tour it. Assign priorities to important elements of the home's location.
Do you have home questions about a specific location? We can help. Call or e-mail us now, or click on "Ask Your Own Questions."
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