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7 Truths For Successful Home Buying And Selling
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 MARCH 2017

7 Truths For Successful Home Buying And Selling


If you've been thinking about selling your home this year, you may want to brush up on some home-selling facts before you get started. If you're only relying on home-selling myths that are floating out in the marketplace, you're going to be at a disadvantage. We both know that an educated home seller is a successful home seller. We can help you separate fact from fiction in today's real estate market and help you sell your home for the best price in the shortest amount of time.

Today's homebuyers are savvy and smart. They know the real estate market, especially if they've been hunting for a home for any amount of time. To buy a home in today's competitive market, buyers are ready and waiting for home sellers just like you. They are eagerly awaiting new listings featuring desirable, move-in ready, priced-right homes.

We want to make sure you know the facts about selling your home in our local real estate market. So, if you want to be a part of the successful home-selling landscape this year, keep reading.

FICTION: I can get every dime back that I put into my house for remodeling.
FACT: Buyers know what other homes like yours sell for and they'll offer similar amounts to buy yours, adding (and subtracting) where necessary for your home's features (or failures). Stop collecting and adding up all the receipts for every little improvement and update you did to your home. Your home's selling price is determined by the current real estate market.

FICTION: Setting a high price leaves plenty of room for negotiation.
FACT: Buyers are smart and often skip touring overpriced homes. An overpriced home often results in no offers to negotiate.

FICTION: Staging a home to look like a model home is only necessary for luxury homes and new construction.
FACT: Every homebuyer at every price point desires a welcoming home. Get rid of clutter and set up your home as if it were a model home, waiting for that right buyer to walk through the door. It doesn't take new furniture and accessories; use what you have (or borrow from neighbors) to achieve the ultimate “buy me” look for every room in your house. (We can refer you to professional stagers or give you tips to DIY.)

FICTION: Counteroffers aren't necessary as a better offer will come along soon enough.
FACT: Never ignore a single purchase offer. That first offer, well, it just could be your only offer due to the buyer's preferences, timeline, budget and more. Respond promptly to every offer with a thoughtful counteroffer that works to bring you and the homebuyer closer to a deal.

FICTION: Curb appeal doesn't matter if the inside of my home is a show-stopper.
FACT: Some buyers will not get out of the car if the house doesn't look inviting. You don't have to redo the landscaping and repaint everything. Cleaning off your walkway/driveway, trimming bushes and trees (and taming the weeds), putting out a new door mat and perhaps washing or painting the front door can make a positive first impression to those touring your home.

FICTION: Inviting online photos don't matter as serious buyers will come to view my home in person.
FACT: Many buyers start their home searches online and create their “must tour” lists based on what they first see. Make sure you make time to get professional photos of your home.

FICTION: It's easier to sell my home on my own.
FACT: You can sell your home on your own, but a real estate professional—like us—knows how to handle all the details for a successful closing/settlement. We pride ourselves on making home sales run smoothly so that sellers (and homebuyers) are able to focus on the important things that they need to do: move on to their next stage in life. If you have plenty of time to devote to marketing your home, giving tours, negotiating, keeping track of necessary to-dos to get to closing, then selling on your own can work. Contact us when you're ready to sell. We're here to help and advise!

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